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7:00 AM to 7:00 PM


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U-Pick Strawberries and Raspberries


Fresh Produce for You

Your Local Minnesota Farm

Make healthy choices with the fresh fruits and vegetables offered at Svihel Vegetable Farm, Inc. We are the go-to-farm in Foley, MN offering excellent hand-picked crops at reasonably priced rates. Whether you are looking for homegrown ingredients for your recipes or ideal fresh gifts for your loved ones, our humble farm is the place to go. Our premium yields are the freshest in the area! Bring home a healthy present for your family.


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Why Choose Our Local farm?

Here at Svihel Vegetable Farm, Inc., our goal is to offer the finest crops to Minnesota and the surrounding states. We know how hard it is now days to serve your family with fresh fruits and vegetables. With our wide-ranging selection of locally grown crops, you can now create nutritionally balanced, eco-friendly meals for your loved ones! Count on us for great tasting fruits and vegetables.

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Contact Us for Fresh Produce

The freshest crops are now within reach here at our fruit and vegetable farm! From crops to herbs, we have it all. To inquire about our farm products, please reach out to us through the featured contact details on this website. One of our knowledgeable staff members will provide the information you need

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